20 July 2016

Tomato and rice tacos

I hope you are enjoying this week. The weather here in southern England is hot for the first time this summer. It's nice, but doesn't really encourage for cooking. I tried to make a fresher version of veggie tacos, which would be more suitable for a hotter weather.

I was inspired to cook this dish by a Tomato tacos with guacamole recipe from Mat Follas' vegetarian cookbook Vegetable Perfection (p. 56-57). I basically just took the idea of adding fresh tomato salsa into tacos, but also wanted to add a filling agent to them. I chose to add some warm spiced tomato rice to these tacos. They were quite great and I will certainly make them again.

Of course this is another recipe for my annual Tomato Festival, which is running this week. I am trying to show some variety in cooking veggie meals with tomatoes. Tacos are some of my all time favourites and it's nice to have them with fresh tomatoes in the summer.


For the rice

1 cup red camargue and wild rice
1 onion
1 green chilli
2 garlic cloves
Rapeseed oil
3 tomatoes
Vegetable stock powder
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Smoked paprika
Ground black pepper
Smoked chilli paste
Juice of ½ lime

For the tomatoes

300 g selected tomatoes
Juice of 1 lime
Fresh coriander leaves

Other ingredients

12 crunchy taco shells
Sour cream


Cook the rice first in pilaf fashion. Chop the onion and garlic and cook them in oil until soft. Then add the tomatoes and add simmer for a while. Add the rice, seasoning and vegetable stock and cook until done and with nice spicy flavours.

Chop the tomatoes for the salsa and mix with lime juice, fresh coriander leaves and salt.

Assemble the tacos and serve them with cheese and sour cream and possibly some extra smoked chilli paste on the side.


Your VegHog


Thanks for reading! I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions from you.