20 October 2013

Arundel food festival

I had a really wonderful day out yesterday visiting the Arundel food festival. There were plenty of stalls offering local goodies and I made great purchases in the farmers' market and in the shops.


These Cheddar and watercress scones were really lovely.

Arundel is a lovely little town in the South Downs with great independent shops, restaurants and pubs. I missed to visit the town's main attraction, the 11th Century Arundel Castle, due to rain, but on the outside it looked magnificent and I want to visit it soon. If you ever have the opportunity to visit this food festival or Arundel please do, it is an exquisite place!

Interior of a local shopping centre.

One of the highlights of my visit was the local cider and beer festival at the Red Lion pub right at the centre of the town. They served this very tasty vegetarian Medieval Scandinavian style beer soup in an authentic jug. It was very savoury and tasted strongly of beer and Gruy√®re cheese. It totally hit the spot after walking around the town and browsing the food stalls. I tasted several local ciders there one being an interesting cloudy apple cider with blackberries.

I also shopped diverse things like mulled cider, cheeses, walnut bread and tomatoes at the local delicatessen shop, Pallant of Arundel, and my best find was a huge flying saucer squash. That will surely be featuring in one of my dishes soon. In general it was nice to see a variety of different squashes and pumpkins offered everywhere. I love this season so much!

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