17 October 2013

End of the balcony growing season

We are quickly approaching the end of October and I have moved some of my balcony plants indoors, or removed them completely, as the nights are getting chillier. The large pepper plant and some other plants are still outside and growing, but soon I will clean the balcony fully up for the winter. I hope that last year's small Christmas tree will be able to delight us this year as well. For now it's looking pretty good.

I have already moved the last tomatoes indoors for blushing. I cut the branches with fruit off of the plants and put them into a vase. That made a very nice autumnal flower arrangement for the kitchen, and it's very nice to follow the tomatoes as they ripen.

Indoors I already have several different herbs and chilies growing. I hope those will keep thriving throughout the winter.

And this lovely hoglet with its basil is coming in too!

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