25 October 2014

Tomato tart

A while ago I promised to post even this ad hoc recipe for a tomato tart. This is a very quick dish and you don't need to have many ingredients at hand. You can also substitute the tomatoes with courgettes, peppers, squash etc. or combine all of these. This time I wanted to keep it simple and only used tomatoes, which makes quite a good-looking tart. This is a great dish to be served at a party as a savoury snack, and also smaller tartlets can be made. Or if you get surprising weekend guests, this is a perfect savoury dish to be made quickly. Also kids will like it as it's almost like a pizza.


200 g tomatoes
2 shallots
2 garlic cloves
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tsp Herbes de Provence
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
100 g emmental cheese
1 egg for brushing
320 g shortcrust pastry sheet


I didn’t pre-bake the pastry this time, and it was totally fine. A shortcrust pastry doesn't get as easily a soggy bottom as a puff pastry. Obviously this tart can also be made on puff pastry base, if you'd prefer. In that case I would recommend pre-baking the pastry for a few minutes without the filling.

Slice the tomatoes, and chop the shallots and garlic. Cook the shallots and garlic in olive oil soft. Season them with Herbes de Provence and some salt and pepper to taste.

Grate the cheese and add it to the slightly cooled shallot mix.

Roll the pastry out and spread the mix onto it. Place the tomatoes on the top and brush the tart edges with eggwash.

Bake the tart at 200C for about 20 minutes until the surface is baked golden brown.

All done! Enjoy your weekend!

Your VegHog

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