9 October 2014

Harvest pasta

I call today's dish a harvest pasta as the tomatoes, the bell pepper and the basil come from my own small balcony garden. I posted an update yesterday of what's happening there (have a look here, if you missed it!). It is very satisfying to prepare such a meal. However I feel a little bit bad that I was too lazy and didn't make my own fresh pasta to go with these fine ingredients, because that would've made this dish even better. Well maybe next time, the plants are still very productive, and there's nothing wrong with a quick weekday pasta, is there.

For seasoning of the sauce I used again my sea buckthorn salt. I'm pretty sure, I've mentioned it before, but here's a bit more info. It's slightly pink Himalayan salt seasoned with sea buckthorn berries from the Ostrobothnian west coast in Finland, and it can be used just like regular salt, but it has some health benefits. Remember when I made a post about the Old animals' home in Ylistaro? Anyway, these berry salt products, and much more, are manufactured there at Wanha Markki. When I visited them in August, I obviously had to extend my salt supplies.

And now to the making of this pasta dish. This recipe makes two large pasta bowls.


6 tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
1 large yellow bell pepper
Handful of fresh basil leaves
Olive oil
Sea buckthorn salt (regular salt is also fine)
Ground black pepper
125 g mozzarella
Farfalle pasta


Chop the garlic finely and the tomatoes more coarsely. Heat olive oil in a saucepan and cook the garlic there for a few minutes and then add the tomatoes. Simmer the tomato sauce slowly, for an hour or two until it has reached an intense tomato taste. Season with fresh basil, salt and pepper, once the sauce is pretty much done.

Chop the bell pepper into generous bits and roast them brushed with olive oil in the oven until they are soft and have some roasting marks. I love this method for cooking pepper, they get so insanely sweet in the oven.

Cook the pasta al dente. I used farfalle this time, which isn't normally so frequently used by me, but it's a nice pasta shape. Once the pasta is cooked, mix it into the tomato sauce.

Place a portion of the pasta with the tomato sauce into a bowl and add the roasted pepper bits and torn mozzarella on the top. Sprinkle some fragrant olive oil also on the pasta and serve.

This is a pasta dish full of good flavours, my favourites in fact.

Have you been growing veg or herbs this year, and what would your ideal harvest meal be?

Your VegHog

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