3 November 2014

Garlic soup

Now the evenings are getting chillier and vegetarian soups are back on the menu with vengeance. To me this garlic soup represents autumn comfort food par excellence. Only a couple of days after seeing the recipe, I cooked it. The original can be found here in the recipe collection of Valio, but it's in Finnish only. However, I followed it fairly closely and gave all the ingredients and instructions here in English.

This soup is just beautiful, but I wouldn't recommend eating it before important occasions or for example job interviews, as it is pretty garlicky! I have never chopped two whole bulbs of garlic into a dish, but this ended up being quite gentle after all that simmering.

If you started feeling like having a garlic soup topped with hot bread and cheese, this recipe is quite a good one, and it's easy as well!


2 garlic bulbs
2 leeks
50 g butter
2 tbsp wheat flour
1,5 l vegetable stock
2 dl dry white wine
Ground black pepper to taste
2 tl marjoram
1 baguette
150 g grated emmental


Chop the garlic finely and chop the leeks into thin rings.

Heat butter in a pot and cook the garlic and leeks gently until they are soft. They must not get brown during this process.

Add the wheat flour and vegetable stock to the pot.

Then let the soup simmer for about one hour.

Season it with the white wine, black pepper and marjoram.

Toast the baguette slices with cheese in the oven and place them on the soup.

Enjoy the soup and let it warm you!

Your VegHog

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