2 November 2014

Ischa Freimaak!

My holiday is now over and I will be writing a few Germany related posts in the coming week or so. I hope you'll like them!

I visited the 979th Freimarkt in Bremen, which is one of the oldest Volksfest in Germany. It is a fun fair that has been held yearly since 1035, with the exception of the wartime, and it lasts a couple of weeks around late October. This was my second visit to the fair, and this year we even got a good weather for some outdoor fun.

The fair is huge and it's mainly situated on the Bürgerweide just next to the main railway station, but there are also plenty of street food stalls and medieval style stalls in the city centre of Bremen. There is pretty much something for everyone, young and old: rides, sweets, food stalls, drink tents, games, toys etc. I'm not really a type for roller coasters and such, but I still enjoyed the visit just looking around. I was also happy to see a lot of German vegetarian food in the offering.

I wanted to share some of my photos with you to show the good Stimmung on the fair ground. I had so much fun going there with my brother and his family, who live in Bremen, but had especially hilarious time laughing about the tiniest things with my small nephew.

If you now got excited to visit the fair, unfortunately you'll have to wait until next year, as today is the last day of the 2014 fair.

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