25 April 2016

Tagliatelle with slow-cooked tomato sauce, mozzarella and garlic-basil oil

New week has started and new pasta ideas are needed again to get through the week. Well, this is not really a new idea, as it is essentially pasta with tomato sauce, but with the addition of fragrant fresh basil and garlic oil the dish gets a special touch. Also the torn mozzarella is a nice filling agent and very tasty. The sauce needs slow cooking, but not much work, so you are free for your other evening chores while this is cooking. I used fresh pasta from the supermarket, so it was very quickly cooked.


1 onion
3+1 garlic cloves
Olive oil
300 g baby plum tomatoes
Tomato purée to taste
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
Fresh basil leaves
125 g mozzarella
Grated vegetarian pasta cheese


Chop the onion and three garlic cloves finely and start cooking them in olive oil. Once they have softened, add the chopped tomatoes. Let simmer slowly under the lid.

Make the basil and garlic infused olive oil by chopping the basil leaves and garlic very finely. You can even gring these into a paste, if you like. Then add them into little olive oil and let infuse in a closed container.

Season the sauce and cook the pasta. Serve the tagliatelle with the slow-cooked tomato sauce, torn mozzarella, grated vegetarian pasta cheese and garlic-basil oil.


Your VegHog


  1. I swear, you make some of the best pasta recipes!! Last week I made your alphabet soup recipe with basil and everyone loved it!


    1. Awww that's great to hear. Thank you so much for the compliments! :)


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