9 April 2016

Copenhagen Street Food

Copenhagen Street Food was a new place for me to visit and I'm so glad we went there. We ended up going a second time during our visit as the atmosphere and the food were so great and unique. Copenhagen Street Food is a collection of street food trucks and stands in a large hall on the Papir√łen island between beautiful canals. The setting is amazing first of all and there are seats and tables outside as well to take all the scenery in and to relax. You can even sit by an open fire and spend time with your friends.

The hall is very quirky inside as well with all the different stands offering international food and drink. There were also a fair bit of really good vegetarian and vegan options: soups, pizza, pasta, Colombian veggie food, falafel, rice paper rolls, juices etc. It's a shame that we couldn't taste all of them. There also were a few bars serving beers and cocktails. All in all the selection was very proud and there was a real buzz around the place.

I was tempted by many vegetarian options, but first of all chose to go to Il Mattarello, who make organic fresh pasta portions. The first dish, pasta pomodoro with organic tomato sauce, oregano garlic and bread crumbs, was so tasty that I had to go back the next day. Then I had a similar tomato spaghetti dish with the addition of stracciatella cheese, a variety of soft stretched-curd Italian buffalo cheese. It was truly exquisite and the two entrepreneurs are so nice that it's a joy to eat their food and have a little chat. I was trying to convince my partner that we'd still be a little hungry and could get seconds, but he was right that it would've been too much. This only means that we'll have to return to them!

As a conclusion I can only say, do go there, if you're in Copenhagen, this place should be on every foodie's agenda.

Your VegHog

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