16 October 2016

Bermondsey Beer Mile and Southwark Street Art

A few weeks ago I went to every craft beer fan's dream location, the Bermondsey beer mile in south-east London. I walked for several miles with my friends that day and stopped by in many microbreweries and tap rooms. There are several microbreweries located in that area and their premises are mainly in the old railway arches, which offers a great setting and is also a cunning use of space.

I particularly enjoyed the street art in Southwark along the route, especially these cute recipe graffiti (in some of the recipes the meat will need to substituted by vegetarian alternatives).

We went to these breweries and also to Maltby Street Market:

Fourpure Brewery

Partizan Brewing


Anspach and Hobday

Brew by Numbers

Soutwark Brewing Company

All breweries had excellent beers on offer, although I tried not to sample too many.

Here are some photos from our craft beer walk. On our way back to the Southbank, we did some touristy stuff and popped over to the Tower Bridge and saw it opening for some boats, which I've never witnessed before.


  1. I love street art an dhave yet to share my Brighton graffiti art, but have enjoyed these foodie recipes street art, very different.

    1. They are cute, aren't they. Maybe one day our recipes will be decorating some walls, haha. Looking forward to seeing more Brighton posts.


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