19 October 2016

Busy weekday salad

Well, I would've been very surprised, if this week hadn't been a busy one again. It seems that's the way these days. It's good to keep busy on the other hand, as the time goes by quickly, but then again, there isn't much time for anything other than work. Colourful and crunchy salads are just perfect for such busy work weeks. When there isn't much time or strength for cooking in the evenings, a salad is an easy option to put together. I also like their uplifting colourfulness.

For this salad I spiralised kohlrabi and mixed it with gem lettuce, chickpeas, pomegranate seeds and carrots. It had a real seasonal feel to it and it was so nice to crunch away at work the next day as well. I've been lucky finding a few kohlrabi, but probably not for very long anymore. It looks so quaint before peeled and spiralised.

I've also been making more vegan salads lately, as I have noticed that when pulses and nuts are added, there's certainly no need for adding any cheese to the salad.

Okay, this was my small post for today. Enjoy your week further!

Your VegHog

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