16 October 2016

Seasonal Sunday Supper

I always look forward to Sunday dinners, because I then have the time to cook for longer, often pretty much all day long. I don't usually have many other plans for Sundays, I just want to spend cosy time at home cooking and relaxing.

That's what I will do today as well, but this dish is our last week's Sunday dinner. We had Glamorgan sausages, roasted potatoes, steamed baby brussels sprouts, onion gravy and salad. I was happy to see brussels sprouts arriving to the shops and will cook plenty of dishes with them. Do you have any unusual and new ideas, where or how to use brussels sprouts? I would like to use them in all kinds of different dishes, not just as a side.

This dish was fairly quick and effortless to make apart from the gravy, which needs to cook for longer. It doesn't need that much attention though, apart from the occasional stirring. The shop bought Glamorgan sausages by Good Life were excellent and I think they'll become a regular in my freezer. Welsh Glamorgan sausages consist of leeks, cheese and mustard and are very tasty, I need to make some myself soon again. But sometimes it's just easier to add ready made veggie burgers and sausages to such meals and not make everything from scratch.

How has your Sunday been? What are you cooking and eating today?

Your VegHog 

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