31 May 2018

Eat Your Greens May Round Up

This is the round up for Eat Your Greens cooking challenge in May. I hosted the challenge this month, and in June it will be Shaheen's turn to host again. I can't believe that no one shared a green asparagus dish, but it was a great seasonal selection anyway. So without further ado, let's admire the green recipes that were shared with us in May!

My co-host Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen shared a Versatile Dippy Green Pate and Pesto Presto Pasta that contains a lot of spinach and of course gets its lovely greennes from it. The pate really has many uses, as it can be enjoyed as a spinach cream cheese spread on crackers, mixed into olive pasta, or whatever combination you desire. It's a really good idea for summer parties too.

Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen cooked Savory Sage Green and Yellow Split Pea Rice Patties with Apple Chia Seed Compote. The patties themselves contain a huge amount of greens: split green peas, green apples, scallions, green chillies, peas, sage, thyme and oregano, and they are served with an arugula, watercress and microgreens salad. There is also a delightful apple and chia seed compote with cinnamon. This sounds and looks like a wonderful plate of food. I'm always ready for a little homemade vegetable patty.

Linsy from Home Cook Food made a Thai Green Curry Ramen Bowl, which is just a comfort dish after my own heart. She used green curry paste, green Thai chillies, lemon grass, lime juice and coriander leaves in the recipe, so there are plenty of greens in there. I would be happy to tuck into this anytime, and like Linsy mentions, the ingredients can easily be substituted by others that you happen to have at hand or feel like eating.

Teresa from Affectioknit blog posted Spinach Molds that were served with tofu and sweetcorn on the side. Again of course spinach is the main green here. The molds are creamy and have a nice pale green colour from the spinach. I think that more food should be served in molded shapes, and might attempt something similar myself. I do admire, how these hold well together. I'm sure it's not easy to get the texture right.

My own contribution in May was a Wild garlic tart. I didn't get to forage the wild garlic myself, but I enjoyed it immensely on this tart and in other dishes too. It does add a nice splash of green colour when piled on top of a tart. I also used some fresh onions with their green stalks and fresh thyme in this recipe that were mixed into the potato filling for some additional greens.

Thank you so much everyone for taking part, and also many thanks to our faithful readers! I look forward to seeing your creations also in June.

Your VegHog


  1. Your so right, with asparagus at its peak - no asparagus entries - guess what I am tucking into today - yes asparagus! Hopefully in June we will see some asparagus recipes. I love all the entries, all different and all delicious and some rather innovative too. Thanks so much for hosting VegHog, I look forward to hosting in June.

  2. Lots of lovely recipes - though asparagus is far from my mind right now as the only stuff we get at this time of year is imported so I don't buy it. But we are eating lots of broccoli - maybe I could find a recipe for it for next month - if only I could get myself organised enough.


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