23 June 2018

Vegan and vegetarian food scene in Copenhagen – Part 1

I think I've been promising you for over a year now to write something about Copenhagen's vegan and vegetarian food scene. So now finally, I got around to it. Today I'm starting a series of I don't know how many parts, but this is the start anyway. I would like to hear from you, if you are interested in more of this kind of posts.

In the first part I'm introducing a couple of my favourite veggie restaurants here, where I spend a lot of time, and one place, where I want to go more.

Veggie Heroes

  • Blegdamsvej 106, 2100 København Ø

Veggie Heroes with their endearing logo is one of my standard hangouts, as you can eat a great Asian meal very cheaply. The restaurant is fully vegan, and they have an all-you-can-eat-buffet, but also a small menu for dumplings, soups etc. I usually am not a fan of buffets or all-you-can-eat, but this place is just brilliant and so convenient.

They have all sorts of Chinese sauces, noodles, rice, pancakes, fresh salads, vegan sushi and nice organic drinks on offer. The atmosphere is very relaxed, and it's genuinely a nice place to spend some time. Like I mentioned, the prices are affordable and the staff are very nice. I always feel like home here.

I have found some favourites in the buffet that I'm eating every time. These include: soy “lamb” with bell peppers, Chinese pancakes with vegetables, deep fried soy “chicken”, and lovely fried rice and noodles. There are many more excellent options, but I mostly stick to the same favourites. Maybe I'm boring, but these dishes are just too good to miss.

There are also nice organic lemonades, vegan wines and beers to go with the meal. I normally eat too much when we go here, but every now and again I think that's fine.


  • Holbergsgade 22, 1057 København

Madenitaly is a great little vegetarian café/restaurant, with lots of vegan options as well. Their wonderful Roman style pizza slices are definitely a winner with their crispy crusts and inventive toppings. They used to have a food stall at Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen, before the place closed down, and now they have this great restaurant very close to the main touristic bits of Nyhavn.

The secret is truly in the pizza dough, and it makes probably the best pizza crust I've ever had. The dough is made with a high quantity of water and goes through a long rising process. In the end it's very fluffy yet crispy. Some of my favourite toppings have been potato and truffle, upside down baked onion and olive, and roasted peppers. My partner is very keen on the different seitan pizzas.

They don't just serve pizza, there are also pasta dishes, seitan frikadelles, sandwiches, sourdough bread and desserts on offer. I had a mushroom and truffle pasta once and my partner tried the seitan frikadelles. They were both excellent meals enjoyed with some crispy Pinot Grigio.

I also have their booklet A guide to create the perfect pizza, which I'm planning to follow in order to improve my own pizza making skills. They even hold cooking courses and tastings, so I might take part in those at some point.

This place is also very welcoming and you will be taken good care of here. I'm always happy to return.

Plant Power Food

  • Fælledvej 15, 2200 København

I've only been once to this place, but I would like to go more. It's not far from my home, and every time I go past, I longingly look at the place and try to have a sneak peak of people's plates.

It's a fully vegan café, or plantbased, as people have started calling it. They have a good selection of tempting sounding brunch and tapas options, and the whole menu sounds so good.

When we went there a few weeks ago, I had a mushroom sandwich with miso and rosemary marinated mushrooms with mixed mashed roots, served with pickled red onions, spicy sauce and mixed baby leaves in a charcoal sourdough bun. It was an excellent and good looking lunch. Their food is very colourful, which is always nice.

They also do party catering, which is good to keep in mind in case organising some bigger parties.

How did you find this first part of veggie eating in Copenhagen series? Are you interested in seeing more places, or not so much? My apologies for lack of outdoor/indoor photos of the restaurants, I'll try to improve in this regard for the next post. You can also visit the websites of each restaurant, if you are interested in seeing more: Veggie Heroes, Madenitaly and Plant Power Food.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. I enjoyed reading about your vegie places to eat out - the food all looks so good. I am curious that they all have English names - is that usual in Copenhagen. I wish I had read this post because I went to Copenhagen but I guess as it was 20 years ago it has probably changed since then.

    1. English names are very usual, especially for these new veggie places. All of these restaurants were opened fairly recently, within one year or so. I think that the scene has developed a lot during the few past years. I'm not sure that they would've had so many options 20 years ago. I definitely think that you should visit Copenhagen again, if you get the chance. I would always be happy to give you a veggie tour. :)


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