18 April 2019

Fried rice and Easter

It's already a national holiday here in Denmark today, and I'm getting ready for Easter. I have made our humble decorations, just some yellow tulips and catkins with wooden and ceramic eggs. Now I still need to clean the appartment, but sun is shining, so I reckon that it will be fun with some music playing in the background.

We will get guests from England, so we will be spending Easter out and about in Copenhagen. Hopefully I can also cook a meal for them. I was thinking of vegan hot dogs with different condiments and veggies, as hot dogs are very popular in Denmark. But we will see, how it goes.

I made this fried rice with mixed cabbage, beetroot, soya “chicken style” bits a while ago, but the dish looked quite suitable for Easter, so I posted it now. There is also a chilli-pineapple salsa on the side of the stir fry.

Have a happy Easter everyone!

Your VegHog


  1. I love your simple easter decorations - those metal birds in eggs are very sweet - and your fried rice looks really good - hope you have a lovely easter with your visitors.

  2. Yum to the pineapple salsa. The metal birds are so sweet. Have a good Easter Break

  3. Amazing fried rice, good to see the veggie delight.

  4. Fried Rice with pineapple salsa yummy..


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