16 November 2019

Laugenbrötchen and German Food Week

I'm starting off a German food week, which I unofficially call the “Novemberfest”, as I've been making many of my favourite German dishes lately. Germans have many suitable dishes especially for this season, so I thought that this is a perfect time to share some of them with you. All my dishes will be of course vegetarian, but they will even be mostly vegan or very easy to veganise. I hope you'll be following this special week.

I lived nearly ten years in Cologne, Germany, where I studied at the university. Students don't have such a great budget for eating out, but I got well acquainted with many German dishes during that time, including some excellent traditional homecooking and baking. I moved from Germany to the UK in 2007, so I've been away for quite a while notwithstanding a few visits. This year I was lucky enough to be able to travel twice to Cologne on business. Then I could go to my old doorstep and quarter and also eat some local food.

The first recipe in this German food week is for Laugenbrötchen aka pretzel rolls. I just love the flavour of pretzel rolls, and they are nice with just a little butter and cheese. You can make a more premium version with tomato and mozzarella as well. If you're a regular reader, you might already know how I like baking different savoury rolls. I haven't made pretzel rolls for a long while, but making them now again reminded me of their goodness.

I have already published a recipe for Laugenbrötchen on my blog, so I will just link the recipe here, if you want to have a look at the details.

Do you have any vegetarian or vegan German food favourites?

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. These look delicious - I love buying pretzels from our farmers market but - shhh - yours look even nicer. I would be interested to hear about your german food recipes because I am not so familiar with it - though I think my german colleagues told me to put lots of mustard in salads - does that sound right?

    1. They do use a lot of mustard, but I don't remember it from salads. I'm not such a fan of mustard, so maybe i wasn't paying attention at the right time.

  2. hi veghog
    i don't make much german food except sauerkraut and german chocolate cake. your pretzels look great!

    1. That's a great start for German cooking and maybe I can inspire you for further experiments. :)

    2. Actually, "German" chocolate cake (the one with coconut-pecan frosting) is an American dish originally made with the brand of chocolate invented in the mid-19th century by a man named "German." But VegHog is doing a great job of presenting dishes from Germany like Laugen rolls and spaetzle!

      best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com


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