4 January 2020

Crispy roast potatoes, vegan beurre blanc and 2020

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you got to the twenties alright. I've had a very nice break, first Christmas at home in Finland, and then New Year's celebrations here in Copenhagen. We even got some snow in Finland, even though it has been unusually warm for this time of the year.

I have some recipes waiting to be shared with you, and I can't wait to get started. I will be sharing many vegan dishes this month, and it could be handy in case you're taking part in Veganuary. I'm once again not doing it, as I've got too much left-over cheese from the festive period. However I will primarily be eating plantbased food.

Today's dish is what I cooked for my partner for his birthday dinner after Christmas, a fully plantbased meal of crispy roast potatoes, vegan beurre blanc, steamed brussels sprouts and a shop-bought vegetable frikadelle. It was a very nice meal, and it now occurred to me that it was almost identical with this dish from 2018! The funniest thing is that even the tea towel in the photos is the same! Well old habits... but this time the dish was vegan, and I think that there were also improvements in the roast potatoes. You can check the recipe for the roast potatoes in that old post and here's the recipe for the vegan beurre blanc. I used Vegan Block by Naturli, and it worked here very nicely.

Vegan beurre blanc

1 shallot
150 ml white wine
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
125 g vegan butter
1 tsp yeast flakes
Pink peppercorns
Green peppercorns

Chop the shallot finely and heat it with the wine and vinegar. Reduce until about the half of the liquid has cooked off.

Remove the shallot with a sieve leaving just a clear liquid. Add the cold vegan butter into the liquid a small piece at a time and keep whisking.

Finally add the yeast flakes and peppercorns and serve with the dish of your choice. 

I look forward to another year of cooking and sharing recipes with you. With these wintery scenes from Finland, I wish you a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Those are really beautiful snowy pictures and the dinner looks delicious - I really want some of those crispy roast potatoes. Best wishes for a happy 2020 with lots of good meals and good times! I look forward to seeing your recipes you have to share.

    1. We got lucky with the snow. In the beginning it was just icy and rainy, but for Christmas the snow arrived. I wish you also all the best for the new year and will continue following your cooking ventures.

  2. Finland in the snow looks very idyllic, though I think I would find the lack of daylight depressing -- Helsinki is 60º north and Ann Arbor, where I live, is 42º north, so less daylight by far! In fact it's pretty depressing here in mid-winter.

    I'm looking forward to your blog posts for 2020! Have a great year.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Happy New Year Mae! Indeed there is not much daylight in Finland in the winter, but in the summer it's almost non-stop. :)


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