9 February 2020

In My Kitchen in February

It's time to have a look into my kitchen again. I have not been cooking so much new stuff, just the old favourites, but here are some new food items and dishes in my kitchen.

Naturli launched a new vegan frozen range, and I had to try their new Schnitzel straight away. They are soy based and gluten free. I got a small recipe booklet from the shop and found inspiration for my lemon Schnitzel with roasted potatoes, peas, braised fennel and blood orange dish. It was very tasty and I will certainly make it again.

This week my kitchen and dining corner got new windows, well actually the whole flat. They are very well insulated, but still have that old-fasnioned look with the metal hooks and fasteners. The pictures aren't very good though, as sun was blasting through the windows yesterday morning. Yes, and that is Christmas tree 2018 out there, but it would quite like a repotting.

I recently bought a couple of packets of rice made from legumes. It probably can't be called rice, but it looks like colourful rice. They also call it rice-shaped pasta. I've made quite a few dishes with it and they have been very good, a bit lighter and more wholesome than with real rice.

I also spotted a pulled seitan kebab in the shop and made a vegan kebab dish with it. It has a nice spicing and texture. 

Have you ever had a pineapple burger? If not, you must! It was always my favourite as a child and now I haven't had one for a long time. We happened to have some nice veggie patties and left-over pineapple, so I asked my partner to make a pineapple burger. And boy, did he make a great one!

Here are a few other dishes that I've cooked: roasted pepper pizza, golden Thai curry with spinach and cabbage fried rice.

Al always, I'm sharing this post with Sherry from Sherry's Pickings blog. She is hosting the monthly In My Kitchen event.

Your VegHog


  1. Good eating this month! I like the look of the curry.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. oh your golden curry looks so delicious veg hog! yum! and i really love the window fastenings you have. such a lot of character. and i'm drooling over the pizza and the cabbage dish. here in australia, we always put a ring of pineapple on our hamburgers along with beetroot. So good. thanks so much for joining in this month. cheers sherry

  3. Mmm all your food is making me hungry! I'm with sherry on the pineapple on burger :) definitely an Aussie thing!

  4. Lots of good food! Your windows seem to let in lots of rice. I am with sherry in thinking of pineapple on burgers being quite common in Australia - though I think it is a bit old fashioned these days where burgers are more diverse! But yours looks v good. I also like your food styling on the schnitzel - I assume it i meant to look like a chicken :-)


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