29 February 2020

Pasta with basil-cashew pesto and marinated oat block

I hope you've all had a nice last week of February. I was able to work slightly less than the previous week, so I'm happy overall. I could even steal away for one night with my friend and we went to a Danish conversation group in a bar. We try to go there every week, but lately it has been hectic. It's a nice way to get to know new people while practising Danish and sipping some nice beers.

I made a pasta dish for a change. It's completely vegan pasta with basil and cashew nut pesto served with roasted tomatoes and marinated oat block, which is like tofu, but made from oats. My recipe is adapted from Fazer's Basil Alfredo Pasta. Have a look below, how I made this dish.

Pasta with basil-cashew pesto and marinated oat block


Oat block marinade

160 g oat block
½ lemon's juice
1 tbsp black treacle
4 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion
1 garlic clove


1 cup fresh basil
1 garlic clove
100 g cashew nuts
5-7 tbsp olive oil
½ lemon's juice
1 tsp salt

Other ingredients

Pasta of your choice. I used Tofette shape.
Roasted cherry tomatoes for serving
Fresh basil leaves for serving


Slice the oat block, mix the marinade and pour it over the oat block. Let it marinade for at least one hour.

Roast tomatoes in the oven.

Purée the pesto ingredients in a blender.

Fry the marinated oat block.

Cook the pasta until it's al dente and mix it with the pesto. Serve with the roasted tomatoes, and marinated oat block. Enjoy!

Have a nice weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. Good to hear from you Veghog, hope your well. I can see like me your very busy these days so nice to get in a blog post when you can. Yeah, nice way to settle into a new place, drinking eating food and practising your Danish. The pasta with basil cashew pesto sound good and would make a lovely change in my lunchbox along with the oat blocks which ive not seen yet in the UK

    1. Nice to hear from you too Shaheen! Yes it has been busy, I hope things calm down for the spring. I will try to blog more also when there's more daylight. :)


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