19 September 2020

Cheese-onion-potato pie


I haven’t been a very productive blogger in September. I have been cooking plenty of nice dishes though, and I hope that I will have the energy to post them here soon. We have a new vegetable market close by, so I can get even more incredible local produce, which is motivating for cooking nice dishes.

I will be on holiday next week, but it will be another staycation. The Covid-19 situation got worse again in Denmark and we have more restrictions in place. We had to postpone our trip to Norway to next spring. Hopefully by then things will have calmed down. So now I’m just looking forward to a week filled with quiet walks in the surrounding areas, reading, cooking and possibly some home decorating.

Now to today’s dish. Cheese, onion and potato, what a match. They go so well together that I sometimes think that I don’t need to eat anything else. I made this shortcrust pie with softened onions and garlic, mashed local organic potatoes, thyme and Cheddar cheese. It was so good and comforting, just perfect for the autumn.

 What are your plans for the weekend? Have a nice one in any case!

Your VegHog


  1. That looks like great comfort food - I am doing a staycation at the moment which has been nice to relax - but we went to the farmers market yesterday on a sunny morn and there were lots of people queuing to get in and so we gave it a miss. I have bee enjoying getting more reading in.

    1. Sounds like a lovely relaxing break, very similar to mine. Enjoy!


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