20 September 2020

Roasted pumpkin risotto


Is anyone else excited for the pumpkin season? I just adore it, both for cooking and decorating. I do realise that Halloween is kind of cancelled this year, but we can still spend nice time in our homes.

So here comes another comforting autumn dish from the VegHog’s kitchen. Have a look at the easy, but tasty recipe for a roasted pumpkin risotto below.

This was an excellent risotto with roasted pumpkin, crispy sage butter and a hint of chilli. You can easily veganise this recipe by using vegan butter. I haven’t tried the sage butter with vegan butter yet, as I’m not sure if it will brown as nicely as dairy butter. Please let me know how it is, if you’ve tried.


Roasted pumpkin risotto


¼ - ½ of a medium pumpkin

2 tbsp vegetable oil

1 onion

3 garlic cloves

½ small chilli

1 tbsp butter

1 cup arborio rice

1 cup white wine

1 l vegetable stock

Salt to taste

Ground black pepper to taste

Fresh sage leaves + 2tbsp butter



Peel and cut the pumpkin to cubes. Brush them with vegetable oil and roast in the oven. You can save the pumpkin seeds and roast them. They are really healthy and tasty.

Heat the vegetable stock in a pan. In a separate pan start sauteeing the chopped onion, garlic and chilli. Once they are softened, add one tablespoon of butter and the rice. After a few moments, add the wine and let it absorb to the rice.

Add some vegetable stock to the rice, let it simmer under the lid and gradually keep adding more stock until the rice has cooked. Season with salt and pepper.

Once the pumpkin cubes are roasted, take about one half of them, mash them and add to the rice. Add the rest of the pumpkin on top just before serving.

While the rice is cooking, make the crispy browned sage butter in a separate pan. When you are ready to serve, pour it over the risotto.


 Your VegHog


  1. I haven't thought as far as Halloween yet, but i have been thinking about Autumnal food, as our tomatoes begin to dwindle being replaced with carrots. Your Pumpkin Risotto is appealing, i haven't had risotto in a long time. It def. is comfort food and one for the autumn and winter season.

    1. Yes, I just started thinking about October and Halloween when I got a bunch of nice pumpkins. And I love this kind of autumnal food, looking forward to your recipes too. :)


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