29 October 2020

Sweet potato and pumpkin gnocchi


It’s almost time for Halloween, so I wanted to share a very seasonal gnocchi recipe with you. I made the orange coloured gnocchi with roasted sweet potato and crown prince squash. The squash can of course be substituted with other squash types or a pumpkin. The gnocchi are also plantbased.

Have you all been eating loads of squashes and pumpkins and are you also excited for Halloween? I have a couple of carved pumpkins on my balcony, so I’m getting pretty much into the mood.


Sweet potato and pumpkin gnocchi


1 large sweet potato

¼ crown prince squash

300 g wheat flour

75 g potato flour

1 tsp salt

1 tbsp vegetable oil


Roast the sweet potato as a whole and the squash piece in the oven until done. Mash them and let them cool down. Mix the sweet potato and squash mash with the flours, salt and oil and lightly knead into a firm dough.

Shape gnocchi from the dough and boil them in water until they float on the surface. You can additionally fry them in little butter or oil, if you like. It adds some additional firmness and depth of flavour.

I served the gnocchi with crispy browned sage butter, cheese and side salad. What would you serve it with? And happy Halloween to all!


Your VegHog

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