12 April 2015

Blood orange and gin cocktail

One of my best purchases in Copenhagen was this Mikkeller Botanical Gin. It's a very good quality gin made with Simcoe hops and the finest botanicals. I had a sip of it pure, and it tasted just divine. 

As I needed some cooling yesterday afternoon (well weather wasn't so hot, but I had been doing stuff all morning), so I thought I'd make a refreshing cocktail with this gin. Here are no amounts given, as I just threw everything into the cocktail mixer and enjoyed. I made mine quite mild on the gin side, though. You can keep tasting it while you go along to get the right proportions to your own taste.

This is what I used:

Mikkeller Gin
Sicilian blood orange juice
Ice cubes

Mix the gin and blood orange juice and press the lime juice into it. Add the ice and shake. Serve cold and enjoy!

Even though it's Sunday today, I just might make a couple of sneaky glasses of this drink. I have decided mainly to relax all day.

Your VegHog

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