4 April 2015

CPH Living

Hello from Copenhagen and happy Easter everyone!

I have been here since yesterday and am having a brilliant time. First of all I wanted to introduce the place I'm staying at, CPH Living boat hotel. It's amazing being right at the city centre, but being able to relax by the water in the hotel room or even on the sun deck. The place is very quit, but only a short walk away from many attractions. At breakfast they serve just the perfect bread that I had difficulties deciding what to take.

I've stayed here once before and will certainly keep coming back, if I'm ever in Copenhagen. The weather has been very good so far, so I have many nice Copenhagen photos to share with you. Here are first some atmospheric photos of the hotel and the views from here.




  1. That is so beautiful! I saw your photos and Instagram and had to check it out. It looks very relaxing. :)

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. It is very relaxing. I could stay on the boat the whole time, but of course I also want to see things. It's definitely the perfect place for breaks and a good night's sleep.


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