11 April 2015

Things to do in Copenhagen

It's time to remember back to my holiday in Copenhagen. I already wrote about the hotel I stayed at CPH Living and one of my favourite places in Copenhagen, the Torvehallerne food market. To today's post I just wanted to collect some of my other favourite spots in the beautiful city of Copenhagen. I hope you like the post. 

RundetaarnI always want to climb on the top of the Round Tower to have a beautiful view over Copenhagen's rooftops. The tower isn't too high, so it's an easy walk up. There aren't any steps either until the very last bit, it's more like climbing a round ramp around the tower. 

Bakeries – Copenhagen is full of bakeries that bake the most wonderful sweet and savoury things. Apart from the tasty cakes, I also became addicted to their savoury vegetable foccaccias and was very happy about the fact that I could get rye bread everywhere. Here is a list of top 10 bakeries in Copenhagen in the opinion of the Visit Copenhagen web page. 

ChristianiaIf you want to leave the European Union while you are in Denmark, you are able to do so by entering the Freetown Christiania. It's a more quiet corner right in the middle of Copenhagen. Have a look at my Christiania post from nearly two years ago where I also wrote about the vegetarian restaurant Morgenstedet. I went there again and had a very filling meal with a veggie lasagne, a black bean salad and a carrot salad. In the evening I was able to admire this wonderful sunset over the lake. 

Øresund BridgeAre there any fans of the Danish/Swedish TV series The Bridge among my readers? I love the series and the Øresund Bridge is in central role in it. This magnificent nearly 8 kilometres long bridge, which was opened in July 2000, connects Copenhagen with the town of Malmö in Sweden. I took the train there just to go for a little stroll in Sweden. Malmö also has an old town and a few interesting sights. The train journey there only takes about half an hour and for a Bridge fan it's quite exciting. I had the theme song Hollow Talk by Choir of Young Believers ready to play anytime on my mobile device. 

42 RawThis is a very good modern health food restaurant and a great place to have vegetarian lunch or a tasty juice or smoothie. The food isn't entirely raw, some things are mildly warmed up. We had a gluten free pineapple pizza and a brown rice and seasonal vegetable risotto. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of the place. I think that they also have a branch in London, but I have never been there. 

Nyhavn Nyhavn is a beautiful 17th century waterfront with canals, boats and colourful buildings. It's nice to have a walk there on a sunny day. 

Botanical GardenAgain, a lovely place for a walk and to have a look around. The Botanical Garden is a nice park with different plants and trees and greenhouses containing exotic plants. I always enjoy a visit to a good botanical garden. 

Den lille havfrueThe Little Mermaid is one of the most famous landmarks of Copenhagen and based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. The site itself is of course full of tourists, but the statue is beautiful, so it's worth the walk along the promenade to get there.  

Kastellet Close to the Little Mermaid there is another cool place, Kastellet, a star fortress from 1662 with a nice park and moat surrounding it. 

Canals – Walking by the canals is also one of my favourite things to do in Copenhagen. There is even this quirky canal promenade. I was lucky that the weather was so good, so could properly enjoy walking.

Mikkeller Then of course there is Mikkeller, but I will be writing an own post about them soon. Stay tuned, if you love great beer! 

I hope that you enjoyed these photos and hopefully the information was a little bit useful, if you are planning a trip to Copenhagen.

Have a lovely weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. What a lovely photos, I have never been but now I want to go !

    1. Aww what a lovely thing to say! Thanks Laura! Copenhagen really is my dream city, can't wait to go back again!

  2. I love places that are so rich in history, especially the amazing architecture!
    You're so lucky to have gone, and I'd love to try so many of those breads!!
    Of course you know me and how the little mermaid statue is one of my favorites here. I'd like to visit everything here one day. Thanks to your lovely post, I already know I'm going to love it.

    Vegetarian Courtesy

    1. I really hope that you'll have the chance to visit Copenhagen one day! Whole Scandinavia is pretty beautiful, I'm sure that you would love it.

  3. sigh! such lovely photos - I wish I could say it will be useful but who knows when and if I will get to copenhagen again - if I do I will be sure to come back here - and meanwhile I will just indulge in a little daydreaming

    1. It's always nice to daydream of places and trips, but let's hope that one day you'll get the chance to return to Denmark. I'm glad you like the photos. :)

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