12 August 2014

18th century market in Isokyrö - Isonkyrön 1700-luvun markkinat

So I'm in Finland again, and this year I cunningly timed my summer holiday for the annual historical 18th century market in Isokyrö. The market lasts for three days and brings many local and other vendors to Isokyrö transforming the small town into a vibrant market place. The setting for the market couldn't be more suitable as it is held in a museum area that includes many traditional buildings and a spectacular 14th century stone church that has historically significant wall paintings. It's also situated right on the bank of the beautiful Kyrönjoki river.

I like this market very much as the products offered are mainly handcrafted items made from natural materials; plastic has no place here. The atmosphere is great with music and dance performances, local food and some people wearing historical costumes.

The market was well visited this year as always, and there were many other happenings since it also was the 300 year anniversary of the tragic Napue Battle (1714), which was fought in Isokyrö.

Here are some of the photos I took at this market last Sunday. I hope they capture the setting and the market atmosphere.




  1. Just by seeing the photos I know that I would have had so much fun there! You're so lucky to have gone. :)


    1. It is a really lovely place, I spent much of my childhood in that town. In recent years I haven't been able to visit the market and in the meanwhile it has grown so much. So yes, I am quite lucky. :)


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