15 August 2014

Heirloom tomato and mozzarella pasta

This is a very quick and a very fresh pasta dish. I just love this kind of meals, where the ingredients are simple yet beautiful. There is hardly any chopping to be done and no lengthy sauce making at all. These flavours work really well together, so why add anything extra. Have a look how easy it is.


1-2 large heirloom tomatoes
3 garlic cloves
3 tbsp olive oil
200 g buffalo mozzarella
Fresh basil leaves
Fresh rocket leaves
Ground black pepper
300 g rigatoni (or other pasta)


Cut the heirloom tomato into small cubes and chop the garlic finely. Boil the pasta until it's al dente.

In the meanwhile cook the garlic in olive oil for a couple of minutes, and then the tomatoes only for a minute or so. They should only cook slightly and stay fairly firm. 

In the end add the basil leaves to the tomatoes and season with a sprinkle of salt and ground black pepper.

When the pasta is cooked, put it into a bowl, and then the tomatoes, generous pieces of torn mozzarella and a handful of fresh rocket on the top.

Enjoy the meal with a bottle of nice white wine.

Your VegHog


  1. So delicious; I love buffalo mozzarella too!



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