8 August 2014

Tasty summer breads

Light, fresh food is the best thing to have in the summer, and even better if you can get tasty local vegetables. As mentioned before, I often like to have just a bread lunch or dinner with vegetables and possibly cheese. I'm not always up for baking my own bread, especially in the heat, but then a nice artisan bread from the bakery is just right. I added my watercress pesto (recipe here) on these breads to bring an extra punch and freshness.

These are the ingredients I used today.

1 loaf of olive bread
150 g char-grilled pepper antipasti
200 g red & gold santini tomatoes
250 g mozzarella
Watercress pesto
Basil leaves
Sea salt
Ground black pepper

Simple instructions for a simple dish.

Slice the bread and the tomatoes. Spread some watercress pesto on the breads. You can replace this by a regular pesto or a basil and olive oil drizzle.

Then place the tomatoes and the antipasti on the bread slices, and tear the mozzarella on the top. When mozzarella is torn it releases less of its liquid, and I tend to prefer this method these days.

Sprinkle basil leaves, salt and pepper on the top and the breads are done.


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