21 August 2014

La Bière des Cigales

And with this post we return briefly to my recent holiday in France, as I wanted to introduce Provençal beer to you.

Les cigales, the cicada, were a new acquaintance for me when I encountered them in Provence. Cicadas are insects that sing a distinct song and hide in the trees and bushes. The noise can be constant and quite loud. It reminds me of the sound of crickets, but it is more powerful. I took this short video footage from a bush in a park in Avignon, have a listen to the song of the cicada although it's not the greatest footage.

I also purchased a furry toy cicada to take home with me.

So that's the insect cicada, and now to the subject that this article is actually about: the beer named after the creatures. La Bière des Cigales is a crisp, dry and malty lager beer, balanced with a caramel aftertaste. It has a smooth bitterness to it and it's very refreshing. It was quite nice to get a decent beer as refreshment as I didn't always feel like drinking wine. It is especially nice enjoyed under a tree while the cicadas chirp above.  

Your VegHog


  1. Those plushies are the cutest! It'a amazing how loud they can be. :)
    I'm not really a drinker (like one per every two months) but this one sounds nice. I love caramel so I'd probably enjoy that aftertaste.


    1. It was strange yet interesting hearing these creatures all the time, but it's definitely a nice beer. I've only rediscovered beer myself fairly recently, but I still prefer cider or wine as an alcoholic drink. In this setting however, this beer felt like the perfect drink.


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