3 August 2014

Les Halles in Avignon

Les Halles is a covered food market with around 40 stalls offering a wide range of local produce right at the centre of Avignon in Provence. You can find the finest cooking ingredients there: the freshest vegetables, fine artisan breads and pastries, cheeses, fruits, flowers, spices, olive oil, wine... almost anything you could desire. I just loved hanging around there and looking around, and that's why I went back almost every day.

In 2006 the façade of Les Halles was covered with an interesting feature, an impressive growing plant wall designed by the botanist Patrick Blanc, who has invented the concept of a vertical garden (Mur Végétal). This masterpiece really is a great sight on the market place, where also outdoor markets take place.

For food lovers this market is a great place to visit and there is a lot to see, the vegetables alone are magnificent. I bought some to take home with me, so some recipes with them will follow. The Provençal vegetables are so tasty and good looking, and it makes me a little bit sad that I couldn't carry home more. I just could go crazy for all those different heirloom tomatoes!

If you ever are in this area, then make sure to visit the market and enjoy the atmosphere! And now have a look at my photos from there.

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