31 July 2014

Un pique-nique sur les côtes du Rhône

Firstly I would like to apologise for my poor French in the title, I'm not at all sure it's correct, but I try to get better with the language. Any tips from you, my readers? Anyway what I wanted to say in the title was something like a picnic by the Rhône, as that is what I did the other day. I didn't come around posting anything yet from this holiday, I've been just too busy admiring the wonderful sites and there are plenty of those in Avignon alone. So an update for those of you who missed my subtle hints of my upcoming Provence holiday. I'm currently based in Avignon for a week and take trips to the surrounding towns and enjoy the local vegetables, veggie food and views. I'm sure there will be a few posts more, as I'm already totally in love with this place.

Already before the trip I had listed a picnic by Rhône as a must-do, so one day I gathered nice bread, crisps, cheeses and of course wine from the shops (there are plenty of beautiful shops for local produce!) and headed to the opposite shore of le pont d'Avignon, Pont Saint-Bénézet (listen to the song here), to enjoy these products. It was a truly lovely outing in that hot weather but with a gentle breeze coming from the river and large trees offering shade. As a dessert I had very tasty lemon and apple tarts from a nearby bakery.

Here are a few impressions from my small afternoon picnic and the river Rhône in Avignon.




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