24 July 2014

Gallia Paris Bière Blonde

I fondly remember my trip to Paris earlier this year, and I still had this Gallia Paris beer that I bought there. I have been saving it for a special occasion, but I drank it now. I think the occasion is special enough as I'm going to France again next week! I can't wait to try speaking French again, let alone visiting all the food markets! I'm sure there will be posts about that later. By the way, all photos in this post were shot in Paris.

Gallia Paris Bière Blonde is a nice tasting and refreshing pilsner with 5,5 % of alcohol and it's a perfect beverage in Paris and beyond. 

Here are my tasting notes:

  • caramel malt notes
  • fruity esters
  • grassy components
  • dry mineral character
  • the freshness of a radish (No, I'm not kidding you or trying to please the French, I really think the flavour was there!)

Have a taste if you can get this beer anywhere.

Your VegHog

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