17 July 2014

Fruity halloumi salad

There's a heatwave in England! I certainly don't want to complain, but I still prefer staying in the shades. However my plants like this weather very much as long as I water them enough.

In this sort of heat it's good to eat lightly, just some fresh produce. Fruits are among the best choices that can be done, but as you might know, I really prefer savoury dishes to sweet ones, so I do add fruit to savoury salads like this one. I nearly always add cheese to salads as that makes them filling enough to be a stand-alone dish. This is a perfect salad to be had with a vegetarian barbecue as you can grill the halloumi at the same time.

Have you ever added fruit to your salads? Please share your taste experiences in the comment box!


4-6 nectarines
1 pomegranate
200 g strawberries
Mixed salad leaves
250 g halloumi cheese
Vegetable oil for grilling (not needed, if a charcoal barbecue is used)


Chop the nectarines and strawberries into small cubes and remove the pomegranate seeds. Place these into a salad bowl on the top of mixed salad leaves.

Grill the halloumi cubes so that they get distinct grilling marks. Grill them either on a griddle pan or on a char-coal grill outdoors. Add the halloumi warm to the salad.

Enjoy the salad and stay cool!

Your VegHog


  1. Oh so yummy! The weather is a little weird here in California. It's cloudy and cold in the mornings, but the sun and heat comes in strong around 2 in the afternoon. I love this recipe because it reminds me of one that I ate yesterday. Fruit is definitely the best choice during hot weather; my plants are happy too as long as I water them enough. x)
    Enjoy your summer!


    1. I have never been to California and it's hard to imagine the weather over there, but you must be used to the warmth anyway. It's a very humid heat here a the moment. After the cool early June, it's now almost constantly warm and sunny here in England.

      Have a lovely summer too and eat a lot of fruit! :D


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