14 July 2014

Strawberry and cream dessert

I've been quiet for a few days, because I had lovely family members visiting from Finland and I showed them a few nice spots in England. One evening I made this dessert for them and it was very well received.

I thought of this recipe as strawberries are in season, it's summer and it's okay to eat nice desserts, right? I have never eaten the traditional British dessert “Eton mess”, but I've been told that my dessert resembles it. I wasn't trying to copy that dish, but just wanted to combine nice flavours. Surely they don't have patent pending for strawberries and cream in Eton? It would be nice to try the traditional Eton mess one day, though. 

For my recipe I cut a couple of corners again by using ready made meringue. I promise you to make my own some other time. For some additional punch I decided to add some brandy as it does make cream so much better! Here's the recipe.


200 g strawberries (100 g for the sauce and 100 g for the dessert)
3 tsp sugar (1 tsp for the sauce and 2 tsp for the whipping cream)
300 ml whipping cream
2 tsp brandy
4 small meringue nests


Whip the cream with sugar and in the end carefully fold in the brandy.

Cut the half of the strawberries into halves or quarters depending on the size.

Make the strawberry sauce by puréeing the other half of the strawberries with one teaspoon of sugar into a smooth sauce.

Add the strawberry pieces to the whipped brandy cream and mix. Then also crush the meringues into that mix as generous pieces.

Place into serving bowls or glasses and pour the strawberry sauce on the top.

This recipe makes four small desserts, double up for more people.

Enjoy the taste of summer!

Your VegHog

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