8 July 2014

In the garden

I love it how quickly everything is growing on my balcony right now. Summer is a magical time! Some of these photos are a few days old and things have already changed since then, but I hope you'll get the picture.

The Tigerella tomatoes have indeed received their stripes (exciting!!), and there are plenty of them growing. The plants are still looking very healthy, so fingers crossed for a good crops.

I have already harvested some of the yellow courgettes and courgette flowers. They were tasty as always, and more are coming there as well.

I let some radishes grow to flower, so they are huge plants now. The flowers are edible and make a great addition to salads or a decoration on dishes.

The sweet peas are the only plants on my balcony that are purely decorative, but I really like the look of them, so I tend to sow them every year.

There are other things also going on on the balcony, but I might write more about them next time.

Your VegHog


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    1. No nyt rupeaa jo näyttämään kivemmalta parvekkeella, kun vihertää niin. Nyt siellä ei vaan enää pääse kulkemaan. :)


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