4 February 2015

Cooking a summer recipe off-season

I tried to defy winter today by cooking this rather summerly dish. It's light and the ingredient combination reminds of summer, so not a typical February dish today. This is just what I would imagine eating al fresco on a summer holiday.

Last Saturday I picked these lovely colourful heirloom tomatoes up from a food market, and was since then wondering what to cook with them. Then I remembered this dish that I posted in August and have made occasionally, Heirloom tomato and mozzarella pasta and made today's dish in a pretty much identical way to that. Go and have a look at the original post, if you fancy making such a dish!

This small summerly cooking and dining session at least cheered me up after a long and busy Wednesday. I also start thinking that there's actually hope that we are slowly going towards the summer, as the days are getting longer all the time. It's still chilly and we saw the first snow here yesterday, but hey, spring is bound to come soon!

I hope that everyone's having a good week!

Your VegHog

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