19 February 2015

Beautiful Brugge

I have been quiet here for a few days, because I went on holiday to Bruges in Belgium. I thought that I would already post something from there, but I was having such a good and relaxing time that I couldn't be asked. However now I'm back home and without a doubt will bore you with all sorts of Bruges features (well, let's hope that you enjoy reading them!).

Bruges or Brugge is indeed a fairytale town. The medieval architecture is astonishingly well preserved, and as a medieval times enthusiast that's just perfect for me. I spent most of the time strolling on the streets along the picturesque canals admiring the views. The weather happened to be quite good as well, sunny on most days yet with chilly biting wind at times. That was great for February I found. I also visited some of the several museums in town and did some mandatory holiday shopping. The locals were incredibly friendly and it was a pure joy visiting this place off the main tourist seasons.

Then, let's not forget the beer, chocolate and cheese, but especially the beer! I am going to write a purely Belgian beer post as well, but can already mention here that I sampled quite many local beers and really enjoyed their diversity. There were some seriously good pubs out there.

So here are some photos I took on my holiday.


  1. Welcome back, You were missed. I look forward to reading more, lovely pictures.

    1. Hi Shaheen! It's lovely to hear that I was missed. There are more Bruges posts to come up and also more recipes now that I'm back home. I wrote a Bruges pub post today, but I guess that's not really your kind of thing. I think tomorrow I'll post more about my favourite places in Bruges in general. :)


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