7 July 2015

Quick garden catch-up

I just jealously looked at my balcony garden photos from a year ago, as then everything was definitely more advanced, but even now things are starting to grow and the colour green is taking over the balcony.

I have been enjoying my lovely juicy strawberries and the plants have produced a few runners that I have allowed to grow

The tomatoes are blooming and have tiny little fruits on them. This year I planted Koralik bush tomatoes.

My herbs are doing well and the chillies are growing.

There are a couple of good bell peppers coming along as well.

It's not all that bad, hopefully the warmth and sunshine will continue a bit for the plants' sake.

I will write another update soon.


  1. Wow those strawberries look great - that is inspiring to see what you can grow on your balcony - hope you enjoy your tomatoes soon

    1. Thank you Johanna! It's fascinating to follow the plants grow in such a small space and balcony gardens are quite easy to maintain. I do wish though that I would have a proper garden some day. In the meanwhile I just enjoy the occasional produce from the balcony. :)


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