11 July 2015

Southbank Centre Food Market

One of the best pastimes for a foodie is to stroll along street food markets. I have written before about the Real Food Market by the Southbank Centre in London. Recently the Real Food Market moved away from there and the Southbank Centre themselves started operating a new market at the same location. First I was shocked to hear this, but obviously had to check the new market out.

I visited the new market last Saturday. Luckily some of my favourite vendors had stayed there, the likes of The Flour Station, Horn Ok Please, Somerset Ciders and Meantime Brewing Company. These used to be my most frequently visited traders anyway and I'm glad they stayed. The Flour Station makes the best rye bread I've had in this country and plenty more tempting looking loaves. Horn Ok Please is a vegetarian Indian food stall, only few things can beat their dosa, which can also be obtained as a vegan version. I also always have to have some Somerset cider, and possibly smoky cheese when I'm there.    

Then there were some nice new acquaintances, for example The Dough Bros. I tried their portobello pizza and it was really lovely. There were also lovely scone and chutney stand, a spices stand and a craft beer shop, which I'll have to check out more closely the next time.

Unfortunately there wasn't a vegetable stand anymore, which is of course a great loss. I often used to get my fresh wild mushrooms and heirloom tomatoes there. I hope that they'll reconsider and a vegetable stall will appear there soon.

Anyway, I hope that I'll have time to visit there again this summer. Have you already been at the new market, or even at the old? What do you think of it?

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