13 July 2015

Freekeh salad with fresh garden peas, barbeque flavoured peppers and mature Cheddar

Once again I wanted to make a salad with substance so that I would be properly full afterwards. My addition of smoky freekeh and mature Cheddar delivered in this respect and I was quite happy with my salad plate of mixed things. This is quite a good option for busy weekday dinners. Have a look at how I made it.


½ cup smoky freekeh
1 tsp olive oil
1 onion
1 garlic clove
1 vegetable stock cube
Ground black pepper
Fresh oregano
2 romano peppers
1 tsp olive oil
1 tbsp barbeque sauce
100 g mature Cheddar
1 cup fresh garden peas
Mixed salad leaves


Chop the onion and garlic finely and cook them in olive oil. Add the freekeh, vegetable stock cube and water and cook until the freekeh is done. In the end, drain off any excess water and season with salt, black pepper and oregano to taste.

Cut the peppers into rings and brush them with olive oil and roast in the oven until done. After that brush them with barbeque sauce.

Cut the Cheddar into small cubes. Place all the components onto a plate and serve. Alternatively you can mix them all together, if you prefer.

I also want to share this salad plate idea with the No Croutons Required soup and salad cooking challenge. The challenge is hosted by Lisa from Lisa's Kitchen this month and the co-host for this event is Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes.  

Your VegHog 


  1. I'd certainly be happy to serve that. Love the varying colors and contrasts. Thanks for sharing with NCR. The roundup will be posted soon - just a bit behind this month.

    1. Thank you Lisa! It was fun taking part in NCR. :)


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