25 July 2015

Filled croissants with smoky tomatoes and cheese

Good morning! Saturday mornings are pretty much my favourite times. The weekend has just begun and there is no rush anywhere, at least today there isn't. I decided to enjoy a nice savoury breakfast before probably going to the shops to hog some more veg. I wanted to use tomatoes again, as it's The VegHog's Tomato Festival and so I made these filled croissants with smoky tomatoes and cheese. 


Ready made croissant dough for 6 croissants
6-8 oak smoked tomatoes
Fresh basil
1 fresh tomato
Salt & gound black pepper
Mature Cheddar


Roll out the dough and cut triangles from it. Or be as lazy as I am and buy the ready-rolled and pre-cut dough. Then the making goes really fast!

Purée the oak smoked tomatoes or sundried tomatoes with fresh basil, salt and pepper.

Cut the fresh tomato into slices and grate the cheese.

Spread some of that smoked tomato purée on each triangle and sprinkle cheese over them.

Roll them into crescent shaped croissants, place a tomato slice and a bit more Cheddar on the top.

Bake them at 200 C for about 10 minutes until golden brown.

Enjoy as breakfast with coffee, or just as a savoury snack.

Have a lovely weekend!

Your VegHog


  1. My husband enjoys croissants and these savoury ones with smoked tomatoes would be a big hit with him. Lovely. Have a good weekend.

    1. My partner also always suggests croissants for breakfast and now I decided to make them in a slightly different way. Maybe you can also surprise your husband. :)

      Thank you, have a good weekend too!


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