1 July 2015

Healthy summer snacking platter

Okay, so it's the hottest July day on record in the UK today and I promise you, it feels just that hot! It's no fun being at work all day and then on a delayed train without air conditioning, but now that I'm finally home I feel like a nice and light summer supper (nothing too hot of course). I still wanted to include a couple of cooked elements, but they can also be eaten cooled down just as well.

This vegan platter is just one example of what wholesome yet easy dishes you can eat in the summer. This platter contains a few warm and filling components and then fresh local vegetables.
Not too bad of a mix on a hot day.

Here are the things I had on my platter this time:

Spring onions
Mixed leaves with beetroot shavings
Puy lentils
Black quinoa
Pumpkin seeds

I cooked the lentils and quinoa in water with some added vegetable stock powder and the other ingredients on the platter were raw.

I found that the croutons added something nice and also more substance, although I only rarely eat them otherwise. Maybe I should do so more often.

Now it's back to lazily lying around for me and maybe having a cooling drink to end the evening with. Luckily it's already starting to cool off here, I was just able to sense some oxygen in the air!

Have fun and stay cool!

Your VegHog


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    1. Thank you Laura! It was rather a random mix of ingredients, but I'm a big fan of this kind of plates.


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