29 June 2015

Smoky halloumi and tomato ciabattas

Recently I bought these oak smoked slow roasted vine ripened tomatoes and also the variation of them with garlic by The Tomato Stall from the Isle of Wight. This product is incredibly tasty and the tomato taste is still so fresh in them, I have never tasted a similar product this good. These tomatoes are very versatile to use and I'm sure they will keep re-occuring here on the blog, but now I decided to have them in just very basic halloumi ciabattas. The result however wasn't so basic, as these were the tastiest sandwiches I've had for a long while, if I may say so myself. 


250 g halloumi
1 tsp vegetable oil
Oak smoked slow roasted vine ripened tomatoes
½ garlic clove
Ciabatta rolls


Slice the halloumi and fry the slices in a pan in hot vegetable oil until golden brown on both sides.

Bake the ciabatta rolls for a few minutes in the oven and then grill them on a grill pan on each side after cutting.

Rub a little garlic onto the cut side of the roll halves. And also if you have the opportunity to use these same oak smoked tomatoes, brush a little of their smoky oil onto the ciabattas.

Fill the ciabattas with the halloumi, tomatoes and rocket and enjoy!

Have a lovely new week everyone!

Your VegHog

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