2 July 2015

Gooseberry crumble

Here's another summer recipe coming right up, now that we have fully entered the season here in England as well. I only rarely post desserts, but this is one of them.

Gooseberry crumble is something that I have neither tried before nor heard of before. Nevertheless I decided to make one the other night. The idea started mainly due to the fact that I had some fresh local gooseberries lying around without a plan. As a child I loved picking gooseberries from the bushes and then pulling a face, as I mainly took the raw ones. Now I really like these quaint berries.

Here is my simple gooseberry crumble recipe (it basically makes itself in the oven).

200 g gooseberries
50 g butter
2 dl oat flakes
1 dl sugar
Vanilla ice-cream for serving

Cut the gooseberries in halves.

Melt the butter gently in a pan and add the oat flakes and sugar to it. Mix it all together.

Put the gooseberries onto the bottom of an oven dish and cover them up with the oats.

Bake at 200 C for about 30 minutes until the gooseberries have softened and the oat topping is crispy.

Serve with nice vanilla ice-cream and enjoy!

Your VegHog


  1. I miss gooseberries, don't see them in this part of Wales much. When I lived in Glasgow, I had an allotment plot and was growing my own, it was thriving. Lovely crumble. Welcome to Summer ay.

    1. I don't see local gooseberries here often either and unfortunately don't have enough space to grow my own. In a few weeks however I can surely get some in my mum's and granddad's gardens. :)

    2. Guess what, we picked up a red gooseberry bush today from a independent garden centre, not hopefully for gooseberries this year, but fingers crossed next year. Your lucky too to be able to get some from you mum's and grand-dads garden, thankful for families.

    3. Oh very exciting, I definitely want to hear about the progress of that gooseberry bush! :)


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