17 September 2015

Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky

Do you still remember Teerenpeli from a recent post of mine, a Finnish restaurant chain with proud range of own beers, ciders and whiskies? Back then I promised to write something more on their products. Now I feel that the suitable time has arrived to write about their single malt whisky, as the days are growing bleaker and the nights darker. Also the weekend is soon here - good times!

I have been very much into whisky lately, which quite surprises me, and I was happy to have some of this Teerenpeli product left. So here are my thoughts on the Teerenpeli Single Malt Whisky 43 %. It's a 8 years old whisky and quite smooth in general. There is a slight smoke flavour in the foretaste. The aftertaste contains sweeter components, such as vanilla and caramel. Finally there is a really strong earthy taste in the aftertaste, pretty much like tar. I know that flavour well, as Finns often flavour sweets with tar.

Try it, if you'll ever get the chance!

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