1 November 2015

Smoked tomato pizza

It's already November and now comfort food is more in demand than ever during the dark long nights. Pizza is always great for this purpose and what could be nicer than a pizza night at home.

This is a recipe for a smoky tomato pizza with a spelt crust that gets its flavour from some lovely oak smoked tomatoes. The crust will be first fried crispy on the pan and then grilled in the oven. With that method you can get close to the heat of a pizza oven in your own kitchen and the results are great. Here comes my recipe that made four smallish pizzas.


Spelt crust:

2 tbsp dry yeast
200 g wheat flour
200 g spelt flour
2 tsp salt
350 ml lukewarm water
3 tbsp olive oil


180 g oak smoked tomatoes
200 g fresh plum tomatoes
1 clove garlic
1 onion
Fresh basil
Olive oil
200 g mozzarella


Make the pizza dough first for the crust. Mix the dry ingredients together and then add the water and olive oil and knead. Let rise under a tea towel for about one hour.

Chop the garlic and slice the plum tomatoes and onion.

Heat an oven-proof pan on the hob very hot.

Roll parts of the dough out and place it onto the hot pan followed by the toppings. Leave on the hob for a couple of minutes.

Put the whole pan into the oven under a hot grill. Bake it there until the surface is nicely golden brown and the crust is fully baked. Also here we are only talking about a few minutes depending on the oven performance.

Enjoy the pizza!

Your VegHog


  1. I looove pizza! This looks amazing, :))

  2. never had smoked tomatoes - are they like sun dried tomatoes - hope I get to taste them some day - sounds like a lovely pizza

    1. Yes, they are similar to sundried tomatoes, cold smoked over oak and then stored in oil. It's a fantastic product and I really hope that you can try it one day!


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