14 May 2016

Cheese and onion puffs for breakfast

I had a nice and relaxing morning today. I didn't have anywhere to be, could sleep long and then finally have a late breakfast in peace. As I had a puff pastry sheet in the fridge, I decided to make these small puff pastry tarts for breakfast. They were so quick to make, but also so tasty!

I chopped an onion and a garlic clove, fried the onion in oil then added the garlic and a few tomato slices, seasoned this mix with salt, ground black pepper and fresh basil and distributed it onto the puff pastry squares followed by some grated cheese. Then these went into the oven at 200 C for about 10 minutes and were ready to be enjoyed with the breakfast coffee.

Have a good Saturday!

Your VegHog


  1. Sleeping in peace and having a late breakfast sounds lovely - and I love your puffs - though I can't complain as I managed a little time reading in bed this morning which is a great and rare luxury

    1. This has indeed been a very nice and relaxing weekend. Reading in bed is always nice, but I do agree that it's more a rare luxury these days. :)


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