8 May 2016

Spinach and mushroom gnocchi

I really like the combination of earthy mushrooms with potato gnocchi. To this dish I added spinach and white wine to go with the mushrooms and gnocchi and it was so nice. My partner started making this sort of a gnocchi dish a few years ago and in the meanwhile I have also adapted it. There are still little differences when each of us makes this, but it's always tasty. I like this as a refreshing change to the normal kind of pasta and gnocchi combinations and can only recommend it. Have a look at the recipe below. Here I made a large batch for four people.


3 garlic cloves
300 g chestnut mushrooms
2 tbsp olive oil
Handful of toasted pine nuts
100 ml dry white wine
Salt to taste
Ground black pepper to taste
1 tbsp vegetable stock powder
100 g aged Havarti
200 g spinach
700 g potato gnocchi


Chop the garlic finely and slice the mushrooms. Start cooking them in olive oil. Cook them for a few minutes and add the pine nuts and white wine.

Season with salt, ground black pepper and vegetable stock powder.

Grate the cheese in the meanwhile and cook the gnocchi.

Add the spinach leaves to the mushrooms, just until they wilt. Then also add the gnocchi to the pan.

Serve the dish with cheese and enjoy!

Your VegHog

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