8 May 2016

Quick garden update

I started my gardening a bit later this year, probably due to the unusually cool spring. However now I have tomatoes and peppers growing slowly outside. Luckily this weekend was already a bit warmer, so that the plants should get a bit of a boost in growth.

Remember how I said “no courgettes this year”? Well, when I saw the seeds for these custard white marrows, I just couldn't resist and one plant is now coming up. Would be nice to have a few courgette flowers and then finally this quirky produce. Let's hope there will be some.

I also planted these pimiento peppers and one regular bell pepper. The strawberries are already coming along nicely and so are the pretty sweet peas. I really hope that we'll get some nice balcony produce this year as well.

How are your gardening projects going?

Your VegHog


  1. just had to check out your garden update after reading your In My Kitchen post - you have a very impressive garden if that is all balcony - I have new planters and need to get them filled with plants

    1. Yes, it's just a small balcony. I want to post more overview photos once it looks a bit greener instead of concrete. :)


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