18 September 2016

English veggie breakfast

I haven't made a proper fry up at home for a while and I thought that it would a nice thing to have on a Sunday morning when there's a bit more time to make and eat a bigger breakfast. After a little bit of effort, the huge breakfast was ready and it was so filling again. It really keeps you going for quite a while.

This time I made a slightly different version, still containing beans, fried tomato and mushroom, but I also added fried halloumi instead of veggie sausages. Halloumi makes a very good addition to the English breakfast, as it's so nice fried and it's an extra protein there and a filling agent.

The bread was spelt sourdough bread and I made the hash browns myself. I tried a new recipe with them that doesn't contain eggs, just potato, onion, seasoning and butter. I had a bit of a mishap with them, as they quite fell apart and became deconstructed hash browns. I think that was due to the too large potato pieces and perhaps I didn't let the butter and potatoes cool enough so that they would've stuck better together. However, they tasted wonderful with the breakfast, so I didn't care too much.

Are you a fan of a veggie fry up? What are your favourite components of the English breakfast?

Have a relaxing Sunday!

Your VegHog


  1. Oh my god! That looks so delicious!! My baked potato is taking so long now that my tum's rumbling!!
    My favourite fry-up would be yours but an egg (scrambled or fried) instead of the beans please!

    1. Thank you very much! I deliberately left the egg out in this one, but normally I would have one with English breakfast. I still wouldn't skip the beans though. :)

  2. I am a big fan of a fry up but need it to be a bit more vegie than your standard one - lately we had a nice one with beans, sausage and chickpea flour scramble and last weekend we had beans, sausage, fried onion and potato scone. I love the look of your fry up - never think to use haloumi - I have tried a baked version of potato, butter and seasoning which worked really well but I mashed the potato first (it is rose elliot recipe for potato stars) but I like how your hash brown looks like little hedgehogs! (BTW thanks for Eat your Greens reminder)

    1. Thank you for your ideas Johanna! I agree that more veggies would be nicer. I really need to try the oven version of the hash browns, it sounds very good and no frying fat. I really failed to notice that mine do look like hedgehogs indeed!


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